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Mountain Ridge with road going into the distance


Fine Art and Antique Pick-up, Delivery and Installation Services


Owner-operated Rex Transport Services LLC takes pride in offering exceptional fine art delivery and installation services across the vast expanse of the continental United States. With a commitment to utmost professionalism and care, I ensure your valuable artworks are handled and transported with meticulous attention to detail. From the bustling city galleries to the remote art destinations, I navigate the geographical diversity of the nation, providing secure and efficient transportation to bring your art to its desired destination. Whether it's a delicate painting, a sculpture, or any other artistic masterpiece, I provide a seamless experience from pickup to installation, allowing you to entrust your precious pieces to my reliable hands.   

​I am committed to:​

  • Exceptional customer service tailored to the specific needs of each client. 

  • Timely and safe transportation of fine art, antiques, and specialty items.

  • Reliable service and accountability.

  • Building trust and relationships with my clients.


Reno based, Rex Transport Services LLC is your trusted partner for fine art delivery, installation, and custom packaging, providing professional and secure handling of your treasured artworks across the continental United States.

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